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Career Development Walk-In Hours

Do you need help reviewing your resume or cover letter? Maybe you want someone to look over your LinkedIn profile so it is ready for employers to see. Not sure how to start job searching? Stop by the Career Development Walk-In hours and meet with a professional to help with all of your career needs! Come to DER 209A!

Happening every Tuesday 10am-1pm and Wednesday 11am-2pm!

Career Development Timeline

Heading down a successful career path means making a plan , the beginning step of which is meeting with your Academic and Career Counselor. They will be an invaluable resource to you throughout your time at Edgewood. The Academic Success and Career Development Center believes in connecting you with the best resources to ensure a successful and valuable experience at Edgewood College, and prepare you for exploration and pursuit of post graduation success and meaningful personal and professional lives.

Please note that some of the steps in your Career Development Timeline are repeated in different phases to allow you to re-evaluate your plan as you become more knowledgeable and gain different insights during your time at Edgewood.

Reflect: After each phase in your career development, take the time to reflect on your experiences to ensure you make sound decisions about your academic, extracurricular, career and life choices. This will allow you to develop clarity, competence and confidence in your career goals!

TypeFocus Career assessments can help you explore your interests, skills, values, and preferences as they relate to choosing a major or career. While no assessment can perfectly describe who you are or what your career is to be, they are valuable in helping you narrow your search and consider options you may not have previously considered. Please take the assessment called Type Focus and use the Access Code of ec334. This tool will help you discover a career that honors your strengths and uniqueness.
  • Meet with a career counselor and select courses that give you an opportunity to determine what areas you will most enjoy studying. The career counselor can help review your TypeFocus results, talk about your major, and/or start or review your resume. They can remind you of events on campus you should attend like Career Week, the Etiquette Dinner, and mock interviews.
  • Register on Career Connect. Click on the red Career Connect button on the right hand column of this page. All students are automatically set up with an account. You can submit your resume online which will be critiqued by one of our staff members, apply for jobs and internships and receive announcements that pertain to your major through this service. 
  • Student Career Connect

    Click here for instructions on how to create your profile - building your profile!

     To take the Typefocus, click on the Typefocus block! Please use Access Code ec334.

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    We are located at DeRicci Hall Room 209.

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