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BUS 499 Adam Bock and Amy Gannon with Chris Vig and Stephen Anderson

Pictured: Chris Vig and Stephen Anderson. Chris and Stephen were guest speakers for the Entrepreneur Discussion during Career Week Spring 2017!


While Career Development primary mission is to serve current students, alumni from Edgewood College may also seek assistance. Whether you are a displaced worker, changing careers, returning to graduate school or re-entering the workforce, we have the resources to help you at every stage of your career journey. Conversely, there are many ways that you can give back. One of the best resources our students have in pursuing a career path is you. Your knowledge, expertise and support can be tremendously helpful in guiding Edgewood College students toward a successful future. We would love to connect with you on career and internship opportunities you may know of for students. Or, we’d love to have you share your expertise through our Career Developement events.

Be Informed. Stay Involved. Get Connected.

  • Hire an Edgewood college student, or offer them an internship! Edgewood College students have the skills and talents you seek: critical thinking, creativity, teamwork, leadership, and communication. Use our online job system, Career Connect, to create a profile and post internship or career opportunities at your company for current students.
  • Alumni enjoy ongoing support through networks nurtured and developed by Career Development. You can utilize your account created when you were a student to search for opportunities through Career Connect. The position postings are by employers especially interested in Edgewood College graduates. Update your account profile and upload a current resume.
  • Share Your Career Knowledge. The Career Developement Department hosts a variety of events throughout the year for employers, students and alumni. We welcome volunteers for mock interviews, networking events, panels and workshops to share your experience and journey with our current students! If you are interested in getting involved, please contact Sara Hanson.
  • Take a Career Assessment Career Assessments can help you explore your interests, skills, values, and preferences as they relate to choosing a major or career. While no assessment can perfectly describe who you are or what your career is to be, they are valuable in helping you narrow your search and consider options you may not have previously considered. Please take the assessment called Type Focus and use the Access Code of ec334. This tool will help you discover a career that honors your strengths and uniqueness.

Alumni Career Connect

Welcome to our NEW Career Connect! - the online system we use to manage job search activities. Alumni can use this system to search for current open positions and to post your resume for employers. 

TO BEGIN: Click on the "Alumni Career Connect" button above. Once you create your account you are officially an Edgewood Career Connect User!  Please note that you do not need to know your Edgewood Id number. You can input random numbers for your profile to be created. Now the fun part begins - building your profile!

Type Focus

This tool will help you discover a career that honors your strengths and uniqueness. Please use Access Code ec334.