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Career Development Presentation Menu 

We welcome the opportunity to present career education to your student organization or group, or in your classroom. Please view our presentation menu for some ideas of ways we can partner with you. Have something else in mind? Create something a la carte! If you would like to partner with Career Development to offer your students one of these presentations, please contact the Career Development Office at 663.2329 or email Sara Hanson at

Career Development Overview: Ever wonder what Career Developement does? Schedule a ten to fifteen minute orientation which includes a tour of our facility. Or we can bring Career Development to your classroom with the discussion of our comprehensive office.

Personality Assessment: (60 minutes) Are you an introvert or an extrovert? Link your personality type to your career path. We’ll look at Myers-Briggs indicators, and/or Type Focus.

Creating a Career Development Timeline: (60 minutes) This presentation will walk students through self-assessment and career planning; career exploration and leadership development; career goal setting, gaining experience and graduate school planning; and implementation and transition.

What can I do with this Major? : (60 minutes) This presentation will broaden your perspective of the world of work by connecting the dots between your major and your career goal.

Career Fair Tips: (45 minutes) This presentation will teach students how to prepare, what to wear, what to bring, what to do and how to follow up for a Career Fair.

Resume Writing: (30 minutes) This workshop will teach students the purpose, components and formatting of a resume.

Cover Letter Writing: (30 minutes) This workshop will teach students the purpose of this important document and how to format each section.

Interview Tips: (45 minutes) This workshop will help students learn how to maximize their chances for a successful interview. Covered in this workshop are the purpose of an interview and what to do before, during and after an interview.

Internship Search Strategies (60 minutes) – This workshop will teach you how to implement an effective internship search campaign. Internships will allow the student to apply what they have learned at Edgewood in a position that is related to their career plans, gain additional skills and knowledge in that field, and explore an area to see if a career in that field is right for them.

Job Search Strategies: (60 minutes) This workshop will teach you how to organize your job search campaign, schedule your time, research employers and identify employer contacts. We will also have a tutorial on using the college’s online job search system, Career Connect.

Branding the Professional YOU!: (60 minutes) Learn how to own your professional image and stand out from the candidate pool. Also, learn how to create and manage your online brand through LinkedIn and other social media.

LinkedIn Tutorial: (60 minutes) Learn how to maximize your online presence through this popular social media platform.

Elevator Speech: (20 minutes) Prepare a 1 minute sales pitch about YOU. Learn what to say at a networking event that will grab the attention of the listener.

Panel of Experts: (60 minutes) Bring alumni from Edgewood and/or other specialists in your area to talk about real world experiences, how they got their job, what it’s like working in the area of study, different career paths students can take within different schools/majors.

Mock Interviews: (60 minutes) We will coordinate employers to interview your students and give them constructive feedback on how to interview properly. Please allow 3 weeks advanced notice.

A la Carte: Any of these presentations can be developed or modified to meet the specific needs of your organization, group or class. Combine or expand an existing presentation, or invent a new topic to discuss.

Welcome to our NEW Career Connect! - the online system we use to manage job search activities. Students can use this system to search for current open positions or internships and to post your resume for employers. 

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