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The Career Development Department utilizes Handshake, an online platform for college recruiting which students and employers use to manage their job search activities.  Through Handshake, students can search for part or full time job openings, internship opportunities, schedule appointments with their Student Success Advisor, and much more!  

Want to know what students see on Handshake so that you can better assist them? Click the button below to create a Student Account on Handshake today! 


Inclusive Internship Project

Enriched learning experiences - such as internships - play a critical role in students’ personal and professional development, but unpaid internships may also create financial barriers for students. We believe that internship experiences and experience should be equally accessible to all students. Thanks to the Oscar Rennebohm Foundation's gift to Edgewood College, we are able to provide stipends to undergraduate students through the Inclusive Internship Project. Edgewood College strongly encourages faculty and staff to motivate their students to apply for this program so they may benefit from financial security, experience in their field, and working directly within the local community!

Instructor Benefits If you don't not already have an existing internship course to support students, and are the instructor for a student participating in this gift, you are eligible to receive a $100/credit hour stipend compensation Institutional Course (IC) internship courses are built as a framework for you to support the student in this experience. If you do have an internship course in your program, students are eligibility to participate in the gift.

IC Internship Course

Are you thinking about additional ways you can help support students who want to pursue an internship as an enriched learning opportunity? Consider partnering with the Career Development Center to run an IC Internship Courses in your discipline! These courses are designed to:

  • Provide an avenue for multiple internships for students
  • Create summer "not-for-credit" experiences
  • Equip areas that do not currently have internship courses with the tools and structure to offer this opportunity to students

 Click the button below to learn about the course structure and contact Sara Hanson, Director of Career Development for more info!

Career Development Presentation Options

We welcome the opportunity to present career education to your student organization/group, or in your classroom. Please click the button for some ideas on how we can partner with you! Have something else in mind? Create it with the a la carte option! If you would like to partner with the Career Development Center to offer your students one or more of these presentations, please contact us at 608.663.2329 or email success@edgewood.edu 

Career Development Presentation Options

"I feel like I've gained a much better understanding of marketing and possible career paths. I've been able to learn more about a field that I wasn't very comfortable with. I've been able to experience different sides of marketing and to see multiple career opportunities within this field. I also feel like I was able to establish positive relationships with the individuals that I worked with. I think that I worked well in a team environment and was able to contribute thoughts and ideas."

- Edgewood College student, Business Major, 2017