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We are here to help your son or daughter succeed by teaching and guiding student awareness of career exploration and development as a lifelong and dynamic process. Our office provides opportunities for self-assessment, career exploration and preparation for attaining career goals through comprehensive services, programs and experiences. Our goal is to help students discover and appreciate the unique combination of interests, talents, experiences and values they possess.

The Edgewood College Career Developement Departments follows a Career Development Timeline which focuses on 4 steps: Let’s Start With You, Research Your Options, Focus on a Field, and Interviews and the Search.

Students are not required to engage in any activities offered by Career Development. However, each year students take the initiative and attend presentations, schedule individual career counseling appointments, send in resumes for critiquing, and access resources to assist them in achieving their career goals. Please help us help your son or daughter by encouraging them to access resources and services tailored to them. Remember your patience! Very few students have a clear-cut view of what they want to be. Going to college is more than just getting good grades. It’s about learning how to meet challenges. It’s about developing skills to be successful in life. It’s about finding the best parts of yourself and sharing them with your community.