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We are located at DeRicci Hall Room 209.

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Phone: 608-663-2281

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Edgewood College's Career Mixer Wednesday September 28 5PM-6:30PM

By the organization's name you will see a job id#. Those are the current positions these organizations have open. To access these jobs please log into your Career Connect Profile. To log in, press the RED Student Carrer Connect button on the right hand side of this page.

Wondering how to prepare for the Career Mixer? Click the link below for the best tips! 

How to Prepare for the Mixer

Want to shake out those jitters before the Career Mixer Starts? Come to the De-Icer!                                                                                                  

Where: DER 209                                                                                         

When: 4:30-5:00 PM                                                                                   

Why: Come get your jitters out before you meet a variety of Employers! Here you will find the best tips to use when at the Career Mixer whether it’s how you introduce yourself or the top questions you should ask when networking. 

Organizations Attending the Career Mixer

  • American Family Insurance #42099 Internal Controls Student Internship
  • C. Blohm & Associates
  • Colony Brands, Inc
  • CUNA Mutual Group: 42034, Finance LEADER, 42036,IT Application Development Intern, 42037,IT Infrastructure Intern
  • Healthgrades
  • Ideas That Evoke
  • M3 Insurance: #41952, 2017 Business Insurance Internship
  • Naviant, Inc.: #26830, ECM Specialist
  • Northwestern Mutual:  #41934, College Financial Representative
  • Smart Solutions
  • Smart Motors: #41898, Bookkeeper & Customer Service Representative #41899, Customer Service Representative
  • Summit Credit Union, #42097 Accounting Internship, #42098 Marketing Assistant
  • TDS: #41953, Accounting & Finance Development Program Associate #41867, Revenue Recognition Internship, #41865, Internal Audit Internship, #41866, IT Intern (Multiple Roles)
  • TDS Telecommunications Corp: #41905 IT Systems Intern, #41957, Data Analytics Intern, #41958, Finance Intern
  • Wisconsin Economic Development Corporation #41854, Legal Intern #41856, Sector Strategy Director
  • Mandli Communications

Accounting Firms Attending the Career Mixer 

  • Baker Tilly Search & Staffing, LLP
  • Becker CPA
  • BDO USA, LLP: #41782, Not for Profit Tax Intern #41915, Audit Intern
  • Johnson Block & Company, Inc.: #40118, Audit Intern, Spring 2017, #40119, Tax Intern, Spring 2017
  • MBE CPAs:#41937, Auditor/CPA #41938, Staff Accountant
  • Reilly, Penner & Benton, LLP: 41786, Spring 2017 Intern
  • Smith & Gesteland, LLP
  • SVA Certified Public Accountants, S.C.: #41918, Accounting Intern
  • Verhelst CPA, S.C.: #41740, Staff Accountant #41741, Accounting Assistant
  • Wegner CPAs:  #41912, Audit – Intern/Full-Time #41913, Tax- Intern/Full- Time

Organizations that will be back on campus for On Campus Interviews Oct. 13 or 14th:

  • Northwestern Mutual
  • Reilly, Penner & Benton, LLP
  • Wegner CPAs
  • Smart Solutions 
  • Capital Wealth Advisory Group
  • SVA Certifed Public Accountants, S.C.
  • CUNA Mutual Group
  • Summit Credit Union
  • Johnson Block & Company, Inc.
  • American Family Insurance

Instruction coming soon on how to sign up!

Mock Interviews

Feeling like you need to prepare for your interview with an organization? Register for Mock Interviews that will be held October 7th. The schedules will open on Sept. 13th at 8:00 AM. Click the link below for instructions on how to sign up for mock interviews

Mock Interview Sign Up Instructions

Career Week Schedule - Fall 2016

International Internship Session – Tuesday, September 20 th from 4:00-5:00 PM – SON 108

Are you interested in doing an internship abroad? The International Internship Cohort Program hopes to support students completing an internship abroad Summer 2017 to develop their career-ready skills on a global platform. Students may obtain up to 6 credits toward graduation for this experience. Come learn more about this opportunity!

Student Research Table- Tuesday, Septmeber 27th from 9:30-11 PM   Come speak with Shad Winzlaff about student research opportunities!

API in Wingra Commons - Tuesday, September 27th from 11:00-1:00 PM

API (Academic Programs International) will be on campus to talk about study abroad opportunities – including student research and internships abroad!

English Discussion – Monday, September 26th from 2:00-3:00 PM – PRD 302

English is important in every job! When going into the working world you will be in a constant motion of reading and writing. Come hear what former alumni have to say about how they use their reading and writing skills learned in college in every day work.

Entrepreneur Panel – Tuesday, September 27th from 1:00-2:00 PM – PRD 302

Want to know how entrepreneurs start their business and grow? Thinking about starting your own business? Come to the Entrepreneur Panel during Career Week to hear from alumni about their journey and bring questions to learn from them!

Computer Information Systems Discussion – Tuesday, September 27 th from 2:00-3:00 PM – PRD 302

Wondering what a degree in Computer Information Systems can do for you? Come hear what CIS alumni have to say about what they are doing after they received their degree in CIS!

Art Discussion – Tuesday, September 27th from 4:00-5:00 PM

Are you not sure what you would like to do with your art degree? Come to this Career Week's Art Discussion to listen to art alumni of Edgewood tell their story of how they got to where they are today.

Human Services Discussion – Wednesday, September 28 th from 10:00-11:00 AM  - PRD 302

Do you want to know what type of jobs you can get in the Human Services Field? Come join us in a Human Services Discussion with alumni from Edgewood and the various roads they took with a Human Service Background.

Substance Abuse Discussion – Wednesday, September 28 th from 4:00-5:00 PM - L5

Do you have a Substance Abuse Concentration and not sure what type of job to look for? Come be a part of a discussion with past alumni of Edgewood who had a Substance Abuse Concentration.  Hear the various places their majors took them!

Career Mixer – Wednesday, September 28th from 5:00-6:30 PM

Washburn Heritage Room for Non Accounting Organizations/Nona McGreal Room for Accounting Majors

Are you a student looking to find what type of organization is right for you? Not ready to start looking for a job but want to start networking?

The Career Development Office will be hosting a Career Mixer! ALL Students Welcome!

This event is open to organizations that have current internship and job opportunities. Our intent is to provide a forum for organizations with opportunities to interact directly with interested students. All Edgewood College students are invited to participate!

Sustainability and Innovation Discussion – Thursday, September 29 th from 8:30-9:30 AM – PRD 302

Learn about the different types of careers in the sustainability and innovation fields. Hear what alumni have to say and how this field got them to where they are today!

Looking to work in the Non-Profit World? – Thursday, September 29 th from 12:30-1:30 PM - PRD 302

Come to the Non Profit Discussion during Career Week to see what type of jobs are out there! Hear from Alumni about working in the non-profit world and why they chose it!

English Discussion – Friday, September 30th from 10:00-11:00 AM – PRD 302

English is important in every job! When going into the working world you will be in constant motion of reading and writing. Come hear what former alumni have to say about how they use their reading and writing skills learned in college in every day work.

Career Development Timeline

Heading down a successful career path means making a plan , the beginning step of which is meeting with your Academic and Career Counselor. They will be an invaluable resource to you throughout your time at Edgewood. The Academic Success and Career Development Center believes in connecting you with the best resources to ensure a successful and valuable experience at Edgewood College, and prepare you for exploration and pusuit of post graduation success and meaningful personal and preofessional lives.

Please note that some of the steps in your Career Development Timeline are repeated in different phases to allow you to re-evaluate your plan as you become more knowledgeable and gain different insights during your time at Edgewood.

Reflect: After each phase in your career development, take the time to reflect on your experiences to ensure you make sound decisions about your academic, extracurricular, career and life choices. This will allow you to develop clarity, competence and confidence in your career goals!

It’s time to explore and understand what matters to you most, and to learn as much as possible about the potential majors and careers available in your fields of interest. The action steps in this phase help you engage in self-awareness, self-reflection, and academic/career investigation in order to find and articulate your passion in a powerful, clear way.

  • TypeFocus Career assessments can help you explore your interests, skills, values, and preferences as they relate to choosing a major or career. While no assessment can perfectly describe who you are or what your career is to be, they are valuable in helping you narrow your search and consider options you may not have previously considered. Please take the assessment called Type Focus and use the Access Code of ec334. This tool will help you discover a career that honors your strengths and uniqueness.
  • Take IC 205: Finding your Purpose, Major and Career. This is a 1 credit, 8-week course which assists students in assessing their interests, values and skills and relating that information to career options. Interest inventories, strategies for career development and informational interviewing are also included in this course.
  • Meet with a career counselor and select courses that give you an opportunity to determine what areas you will most enjoy studying. The career counselor can help review your TypeFocus results, talk about your major, and/or start or review your resume. They can remind you of events on campus you should attend like Career Week, the Etiquette Dinner, and mock interviews.
  • Register on Career Connect. Click on the red Career Connect button on the right hand column of this page. All students are automatically set up with an account. You can submit your resume online which will be critiqued by one of our staff members, apply for jobs and internships and receive announcements that pertain to your major through this service. 
    Explore What Can I Do With This Major to see common careers connected with your major.

The second step in the Career Development Timeline is designed to learn more about the majors and careers that might interest you. You can always take a career assessment to verify your path. This is the time to take your career interests for a test drive. You can gain experience and perspective regarding the career path you are considering through experiential education opportunities, student organizations, campus ministry and study abroad programs.

  • Research careers on O*NET Online – a great tool for career exploration and job analysis.
  • Create or update your resume. Attend a resume workshop to learn about new trends as they relate to the current economy and learn about how your on-campus involvement translates into skills that employers are seeking. This includes updating your profile on Career Connect where you can declare your major or change your career preferences. Updating your profile will help us keep track of your interests and we can keep you up-to-date on relevant career event and opportunities. Don’t miss out on opportunities with an outdated profile!
  • Look into volunteer opportunities, part-time jobs or internships. Consider pursuing leadership opportunities within clubs or student organizations. Employers want to see work experience on your resume.
  • Create a LinkedIN profile. Learn about where Edgewood alumni have gone after graduation and research companies. Include activities, organizations, and jobs you have experienced and been included in thus far in your college career. This will help demonstrate your unique skills to potential employers. That updated profile and resume will mean you are ready to apply when you see a position that interests you!
  • Declare your major. Meet with an advisor to make sure you are on the right path for your specific field!

Step three focuses on polishing and refining your career goals, while gaining the competence that comes from real world experience. This is also the time to begin to challenge and develop your self-marketing skills to let people know about you! Look forward to your next step, whether it be employment or graduate school.

  • Keep testing yourself with new opportunities and challenges both in and out of the classroom. Take leadership positions in service and academic clubs, or look at the Edgewood College Center for Global Education and consider studying abroad to learn more about yourself.
  • Attend job, internship or graduate school fairs (like Edgewood College’s Career Week held each fall and spring semester) to learn about options for you and research potential organizations, companies or schools that fit your skills and interests.
  • Develop your online identity and update your profile on LinkedIN and Career Connect if you change your major or career preference.
  • Identifying your knowledge, experience, and skill gaps and filling them through additional coursework, internships, job shadowing, research or other development opportunities
  • It’s time to narrow your career direction and focus on your career path options. Hone your resume and interviewing skills, whether you are striving for an internship or graduate school. Build your professional network by joining the Edgewood College Alumni group on LinkedIn and read and participate in the discussion boards. 

Hone your self-marketing skills and dedicate yourself to finding and securing the job you want, or gaining admission to a graduate school that aligns with your goals.

  • Does your Career Connect profile have your most current information and updated resume? Review your profile to make sure your career interests are correct. Check Career Connect to review new opportunities as they change consistently throughout the year.
  • It’s impossible to have too much career-related work experience. Internships are a valuable addition to your resume. Complete an internship or research opportunity in your field.
  • Make an appointment with a career counselor to discuss the options of your career direction, help you prepare for your job search, and practice interviewing.
  • Plan for post-graduation by attending networking events, and reaching out on LinkedIn to take advantage of different opportunities to meet employers in your field.

Student Career Connect

Career Connect is the online system we use to manage job search activities. Students can use this system to search for current open positions or internships and to post your resume for employers.​​​

Type Focus

This tool will help you discover a career that honors your strengths and uniqueness. Please use Access Code ec334.