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Edgewood College offers more than 40 undergraduate programs, providing both a strong foundation in the liberal arts and career-oriented training. The Career Developement office provides many options to help fulfill employers’ hiring needs by connecting them with qualified students and graduates.

There are many ways that Career Development can partner with you!

Post Jobs or Internships on Edgewood College’s online job search system, Career Connect, a password protected site where students and alumni can view and apply for jobs and learn more about your organizations through employer profiles. You can also search this site for candidates for your open positions.

On-Campus Recruiting by companies and organizations is welcomed by Edgewood College to hold recruiting events on campus. The events can be tailored to the employers’ needs so it can identify potential candidates and develop relationships with faculty and students for existing or future career opportunities.

Attend events and programs to increase your organization’s visibility on campus and meet with students. Once each semester, Edgewood College holds a Career Fair where we ask employers to participate through attending panels, networking events, or mock interviews. Employers can also participate throughout the year in other career development workshops, panels, or information sessions.

Create internship programs that help you identify great talent and spread visibility of your organization via word-of-mouth advertising. If you are interested in hosting an intern, or would like help developing your internship program, please call 608.663.2329 or email Sara Hanson.

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We are located at DeRicci Hall Room 209.

Hours of Operation
Phone: 608-663-2281

*Alternative Appointment Times can be

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