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Prospective Students

Our Career Developement Department is excited that you are considering pursuing your studies at Edgewood College. The type and quality of services provided by a Career Development Department are important things to consider in choosing which school to attend, and is an important part of student life. We pride ourselves on offering comprehensive general programming to the entire student body as well as personal attention to each student’s individualized career ambitions including job seeking, career direction, guidance to select a major, internships, or entrance into graduate school.

We offers services for undergraduate, graduate, and former students. Each semester, we offer a variety of workshops and seminars to help you develop a plan for your career search, create an effective resume, enhance your interviewing skills, understand compensation packages and salary information, and prepare for your first job.

In-depth assistance is provided for students who want to clarify career direction by appointment with a career counselor. Additionally, career assessments are available through our website which can be discussed at an initial meeting. Career counselors offer assistance with career planning and developing your job and internship search strategies, and can review the content and presentation of resumes and cover letters. We offer a wide range of assistance in preparing for interviews, including mock interviews. We also assist with applications to graduate school when applicable.

We offer programs and workshops to assist with career planning, developing job and internship search skills, networking and applying for graduate school are offered regularly. We partner with the Alumni Office and the School of Business to put on a Career Week each fall and spring semester, and offer classroom presentations, mock interviews, networking events, Etiquette Dinners, and other opportunities to help students in their career development.