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  • Friday, September 25th -- mid-assessments sent to all students and on-site supervisors
  • Friday, October 9th by NOON (12:00pm) -- 
    • (1) mid-assessment DUE from both student and on-site supervisor, 
    • (2) submit hours completed up to this point, 
    • (3) Submit site-visit / virtual face-to-face survey (student access only) 
  • Wednesday, October 14th -- student and on-site supervisor receive confirmation email from Inclusive Internship Project Coordinator regarding the day/time of the site visit / virtual face-to-face
  • Friday, October 23rd -- student paid 1/2 of stipend as a direct deposit, if HR paperwork is all turned in
  • October 19th-23rd -- site visits / virtual face-to-face's! 
  • Friday, November 20th -- end-term assessments sent to all students and on-site supervisors
  • Friday, December 4th by NOON (12:00pm) --
    • (1) end-assessment DUE from both student and on-site supervisor,
    • (2) submit total semester hours
  • Friday, December 18th -- student paid remaining balance of stipend appropriate to the total number of hours interned 


Students, if you have not taken the Edgewood College Internship Prep Course yet, as part of the Inclusive Internship Project you will be required to complete the online modules of the Internship Prep Course as part of your required work to receive your full stipend. More information to come to those that must complete the online modules.


Hello! I am very excited to be working with you and an Edgewood College student this semester! Please look to this quick information sheet as a refresher on what to expect this semester while participating in the Inclusive Internship Project! In addition, be sure to watch for emails that come from me throughout the semester – I will do my best to not send too many, so the ones I do send will hold valuable and important information. If you have any additional questions or comments, please to not hesitate to reach out to me! My contact information can be found at the bottom of the page.


Using Handshake will be vital in the success of this semester! If you have not done so already, please make sure that emails from Handshake go to your inbox and not your junk/spam mail! All assessments will and most communication will come through Handshake this semester. Handshake will be used to create and “Experience,” which is where information about the student, their place of internship, and learning objectives will live, and these Experiences are tied to the student’s specific internship course at Edgewood College. The Experience is also the function that will provide both the mid- and end-term assessments for both the student and their on-site supervisor – please see important dates and deadlines at the end of this document. If you and your student have not already been through this process, then it should at least be underway already.


Once per semester per student participating in the Inclusive Internship Project, I will conduct a site visit with the student intern and their on-site internship supervisor at the location of the internship. I will conduct the site visits mid-way through the semester, and please expect site visits to last about one hour. Per the Organization Application for the Inclusive Internship Project, all on-sites internship supervisors have already agreed to a site visit, so I hope these site visits do not come as a surprise. More information regarding the specific site visit will be sent via email when closer to the actual dates of the site visit. If an internship course/faculty supervisor is also planning to do a site visit during the semester, please let me know if you would like to further coordinate this experience with me. Site visits through the Inclusive Internship Project are required of the program and cannot be replaced with a faculty’s visit; all partners have already agreed to a site visit through the Inclusive Internship Project.

The goals of a site visit include, but are not limited to:

  • Checking-in with the student and their supervisor to assess performance and possibilities
  • To establish and enhance an open dialogue between Edgewood College and the partnered Organization
  • Learn first-hand the work that is done at the Organization for the surrounding community, and the impact the Student contributes to the mission and goals


Learning Objectives. Each student that participates in the Inclusive Internship Project will create four specific Learning Objectives that related to their internship. These Learning Objectives are created in the Contract between the Student and the Organization and will be assessed during the mid- and end-term assessments. Students must create Learning Objectives around these four main ideas: Skills acquisition, knowledge acquisitions, professional/personal growth, and career knowledge. Internship supervisors will have the opportunity to comment on/edit/critique the learning objectives a student creates in the contract process.

Mid-term & End-of-term Assessments. At the mid- and end-semester, the student and on-site supervisor will be responsible for completing and submitting assessments via Handshake. These assessments give the student and the on-site supervisor the chance to reflect on the work that has been done, accomplishments, and a place to discuss room for growth/development. Both the student and the on-site supervisor will get the same set of assessment questions: The student will assess themselves, and the on-site supervisor will assess the student. These are used to assess the learning objectives and progress that the student has accomplished during their internship.


**Note: The stipend you receive is a taxable income, so you will be a portion of it taken out due to taxes.

Please remember to fill out your timesheet throughout the semester! I will ask for your hours at in the middle and at the end of the semester so I can make sure you are on track to getting the hours your confirmed in your contract. PLEASE ONLY USE THE TIMESHEET I GIVE YOU FOR YOUR HOURS – you DO NOT need to log your hours on the HR timesheet. Because this is a stipend from a gift, the process of obtaining it is a little different than how a student would normally log their hours. If you have any questions on this, please let me know. Also, the stipend you receive is taxable income, so you will most likely see a portion of it take out due to taxes. If you have not already, get your completed paperwork in to HR as you cannot receive your stipend until all paperwork has been submitted. I receive daily emails from HR for students who are still missing paperwork. If you have any specific questions regarding HR paperwork, please contact Sherley Thao sthao@edgewood.edu, or visit their office in DER 215

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